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to pay its suppliers of nuclear technology because that would involve going through u.s. banks so venezuelan banks are now the vehicle through which iran is able to bypass the embargo. >> sean: one branch of iran's development bank now sits in the venezuelan capital to facilitate the transactions. >> with chavez in the middle he can do their work for them and then handle the money taking commissions at both ends so everybody gains. >> sean: venezuela is also supplying iran with something even more valuable. >> an important reserve of uranium in the north of venezuela about 50,000-tons probably that iran is now able to tap. >> sean: so perhaps it is to coincidence that iran has erected a series of factories in this uranium rich area of venezuela. >> it is troubleing that iran has established some factories, a lot of people estimate that these facilitie factories are r armaments and that the ties, the so-called economic ties between iran and venezuela or perhaps syria and venezuela hide support for terrorism. >> sean: those suspicions are grounded in an event that occurred in novemb
. then the u.s. and israel mend fences and focus on the growing threat to peace in the middle east. >> do you believe that a nuclear iran can be contained? >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in a "fox news sunday" exclusive. plus, the president plans out a new line of attack for november. we'll ask the panel if running against bush will work again. all right now on "fox news sunday." >> chris: and hello again from fox news in washington. with a lot of ground to cover, let's turn to our first guest, obama senior advisor david axelrod. welcome back to "fox news sunday." >> good to be here. >> chris: bp is replacing the containment cap on its runaway well. the company hopes to have it done monday as you can see from the live spill cam. until then the oil is gushing up into the gulf. it also hopes, bp, is working to finish its two relief wells. how confident are you that they will have this spill contained, stopped by the end of july? >> well, we are reasonably confident but obviously this thing is unchartered waters, no pun intended. our scientists, dr. chu and others have been spendin
.a.t.o. is confirming that six u.s. service members have been killed in separate attacks in afghanistan today. n.a.t.o. saying two service members died in attacks in the eastern part of the country. the other four were killed in a volatile southern region. their deaths are adding to the escalating violence as taliban militants pushed back against stepped up operations by coalition and afghan forces. a new attempt to cap the oil leak in the gulf of mexico. today, engineers will continue removing the containment cap over the broken well and try to fit a tighter cap over the leak using undersea robots. if the new cap works the government says the gusher could be completely contained as early as monday. i'm jamie colby, back to bulls and bears right now only on fox. >> the fed's suit so stop arizona's illegal immigration law will slam the brakes on job creation in the u.s. that's what todd is warning, todd, what do you think? >> listen, i'll tell you two numbers brenda that people don't usually talk about. 6.8 million illegal aliens in the united states the end of 2009. the latest jobs report showed
in the u.s., and some of the foreign automakers able to thrive, but the unionized companies up in detroit weren't able to thrived. >> brenda: jonas, jonas, hold on, let gary go. >> one of the problems, the wages they dictated to gm and chrysler were almost double what the poor toyota workers were making. >> gary, did they make-- did the union workers invent the aztec and the bomb cars in u.s. >> i agree. >> besides the unions. >> wouldn't you say the big contributing factor is the high labor union costs that the automakers were forced to buckle under to? >> they have high labor costs in germany and the car companies are successful and they have unions in other-- and we're not competing with china and cars, japan and germany have expensive labor rates. >> brenda: i'll give toby the last word or he'll be really mad. >> look it, i say this, we have debated this for about a million years, at the end of the day, the statistics say that the unionized labor force in the united states is unfortunately dying because they've priced themselves out of the market. >> brenda: it only felt like it. than
petraeus commenting publicly for the very first time since being confirmed as the new commander of u.s. and nato forces, in afghanistan. at a fourth of july ceremony today at the u.s. embassy in kabul, he called for unity of efforts between civilian, military, afghan and international forces. he officially assumes command tomorrow, replacing general mcchrystal, who stepped down after being quoted in a controversial magazine article them. government handing out nearly $2 billion for new solar plants, the president making the announcement in his week lie radio address. -- weekly radio address saying the investment in renewable energy will keep the u.s. competitive and create 2,000 construction jobs and 1500 permanent jobs. i'm jamie colby, we send you back to bulls and bears, right now, only, on the fox news channel, keep it right here! >> $19 billion bank tax, out. $11 billion t.a.r.p. tapping, in. >> if we did this in a private sector action we'd all be in jail. this is fraud on the american taxpayer. that is clear and simple. >> lawmakers planning to dip into the bank bailout fund to
and the markets did feel, much, much better about the u.s. economy and that's all that the president obama and steny hoyer-- >> i love the history lesson, let's go to the here and now, and there's also unemployment here, you know, the democrats are under the same sort of idea is that if we extend unemployment rates that's going to goose the economy and that's the strategy. we had the record low of new business startups according to dun & bradstreet numbers in the united states in the last 12 months. every other we had increasing amounts of start yums. >> we had the lowest tax rauts we've had in 40 years and why isn't that making all of this-- >> for this year, jonas, if i'm going to get killed in taxes and health care. >> you know, i want to go to something that eric brought up earlier, basically the market went up. >> it exploded, brenda, the minute ben nelson and conrad said maybe we should consider extending-- >> and ben bernanke, as well. >> and the blue dogs in the house. >> eric, the market doesn't matter. the market doesn't matter. that's something that happens outside of the, you k
of the u.s. imperial army. >> many people share cindy sheehan's beliefs. but what's the truth? reasonable people can argue that our intervening in somalia did somalia and us no good. but we made a terrible mistake fighting so long in vietnam. and that we shouldn't have invaded iraq. that's what these students are so upset about. >> the people united will never be defeated. >> very often students will accost me and say america has invaded all these countries. america invaded grey made da in 1983. american troops in bosnia and america invaded iraq. i say if america has invaded all these countries, how come we don't own them? >> good point. when the romans invaded europe, they kept it 400 years. they enslaved people. the spanish plundered what they called the new world and they made the native people their slaves. the british ruled india for 90 years. >> the british came to conquer and to rule. >> the french colon niced algeria. in fact, european countries took over most of africa for a hundred years. russia conquered more than a dozen country. and china still controls defendant's exhibit. b
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7